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Quarantine and Transport Information

We do ask that if you do not do your own quarantine and hire for the month of boarding or layover that you use Second Chance Stables Inc for the service as a thank you for their financial investment and time in helping these horses.


For these services, please contact Melanie McClelland at 919-208-0587.


Although we only haul if absolutely needed as we prefer to spend more time with the horses, here is a list of potential transport options in case you cannot pick up yourself.


Haulers we’ve had clients use before:



(252) 567-4977



(520) 559-3170



(754) 265-9130


Penny Parker

(267) 745-7437



(919) 500-8029


**Please do your due diligence before hiring a transporter. We do not hold any responsibility for issues that may happen from transport. We have added them to this list simply because at least one of our clients have said something good about their experience and we will remove them if we get a few complaints. Also, please be sure to disclose if the horse is needing transport BEFORE at least a month of quarantine. This may effect their availability and rate.**

Barns Transport

(252) 245-0043

Brandon Day

(409) 498-0900

Leisha Griffith

(336) 963-7856

Brook Ledge Horse Transport

(800) 955-7654

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