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We do our best to be a safe haven and resource to individuals who are not able to keep their horses for whatever reason. When we have room we take in owner surrender horses, ponies, and donkeys. We do so in a nonjudgemental way so if your horse needs rehabilitated or vet care we just need to know ahead of time so we can ensure we have the resources to support them at the time. If you are seeking help for your horse by surrendering them we consider you as a hero in our book. It is better to admit when you are in over your head than to continue to have a horse struggle without the resources needed to give them the best life possible. When we cannot take in a horse due to being over our limit of horses at the time we will contact our network of safe rescues to see if any of them have room. Unfortunately, sometimes humane euthanasia is the best option if your horse is not able to be safely placed with a safe rescue home but we will certainly try to find them a safe home. We do have connections with a place that offers euthanasia grants when funds are available.  

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