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Second Chance Stables is in no way affiliated with the Asheboro Kill Pen. For the sake of the horses at the kill pen, Second Chance Stables evaluates a portion of incoming horses at the kill pen and list the findings, in hopes that the horses will be purchased and saved before being shipped to slaughter. These horses are for sale by the Asheboro Kill Pen, not for adoption.

All payments are made directly to the Asheboro Kill Pen.


Every effort is made to evaluate each animal, however, there are no guarantees on the health and fitness, coggins tests, etc... Therefore it is recommended that these animals be quarantined before joining others. Quarantine services are offered by Second Chance Stables. More information can be found by clicking the "Quarantine Services" tab at the top of the page.   

Click here to acknowledge, and be re-directed to the Asheboro Kill Pen Horses

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