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Second Chance Stables Inc is proud to offer quarantine boarding in Dudley NC for clients who have rescued from kill pens, auctions, or unknown situations to ensure other horses will not pick up respiratory diseases that commonly come through those environments. We practice safe handling procedures, a slow refeeding program to avoid refeeding syndrome as well as stomach issues, temp checks are done twice daily when safe to do so, experienced staff that can handle most any situation, high quality senior complete feed with low sugar content, access to hay 24/7, disinfected water containers, areas, and supplies between clients to avoid spreading diseases, electrolytes the day of arrival and the day before they leave. We understand time is of the essence to ensure the safety and health of kill pen horses so whenever possible we pick the horse up from the kill pen the same day we are notified we are hired for QT. Depending on their needs, we provide a isolated stall with run in for each client. Horses will only be put in a shared paddock with other horses who have come from the same location at the same time and going to the same home. We never cross contaminate. 

We have networked with experienced vets who support our rescue efforts and help our clients get the care they may need while at our facility.  If clients wish to have the vet out they can contact them directly to get pricing and get scheduled on the next farm call appointment. When horses are healthy enough our farrier is willing to do hoof care upon request if it falls within his schedule. Please note: we allow clients to hire any vet or farrier they wish and there are many options in the area. 

Please note: If you wish to transport a horse across state lines by law you should have a coggins and health certificate. Many of our clients who need these documents can have it completed by a vet if the horse is not actively displaying illnesses using our 7 day layover option. 

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