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About Second Chance Stables

Second Chance Stables Inc began as a private rescue 8 years ago. We slowly grew and rehabbed horses one or two at a time for several years. Almost 4 years ago we became a 501c3 nonprofit rescue. We do not receive funds from the state or any organizations so our rescue is financially supported using quarantine board funds and minimal profits we get from adoption fees.  When we are fortunate, we get donations from individuals like yourself to help us continue doing what we do to help horses. As one of the largest rescues in North Carolina, we support anywhere from 20-35 horses at any given time. Our goal for most of them is to rehab and re-home them to the owners that fit their needs. We also keep about 6 sanctuary horses.  We find the right fitting homes for our horses. So if you are interested in adopting one of our babies you will need to have a vet reference or a reference from someone who is respected in the equine industry. We do allow out of state adoptions. When you adopt one of our equines you will need to sign an adoption agreement that states we get first right of refusal to buy them back, if we are able to, in the event that you ever need to sell the horse. 


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